Newest learning resources on proof-of-stake protocols.

The purpose of our blogs is to distill what's most important from the previous two pillars and communicate it in an easy to understand and accessible way, regardless of their background and experience with distributed ledger technologies.

What’s New in the Community?

Meet the team at upcoming community events worldwide or watch recordings of past talks and workshops.

Upcoming events
Aug. 19 2019 , Berlin DE
Web3 Summit 2019
Web3 Summit is organized around a single rallying call: to facilitate a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web.
Aug. 23 2019 , Berlin DE
TQuorum: Berlin will include a variety of technical workshops and networking opportunities to bring together members of the current Tezos community and help to acquaint new members with Tezos.
Sep. 16 2019 , Tel Aviv IL
StarkWare Sessions
StarkWare Sessions brings together the brightest minds in the field of zero-knowledge proofs.
Past events
Jul. 22 2019 , Seoul KR
BUIDL 2019
BUIDL 2019's mission is to focus on what is actually being built in the blockchain industry - whether it is a protocol, product, or an ecosystem.
Jun. 22 2019 , Split HR
The Zcash Foundation is now taking applications for Zcon1, our second annual conference!
Jun. 17 2019 , London UK
Zero-Knowledge Proofs Workshop
Zero Knowledge Proofs are among the most fascinating concepts in cryptography today, enabling global privacy-preserving currencies like ZCash.
Jun. 07 2019 , Singapore SG
The Future of Tezos
The Future Frontier for Blockchain Technology Proudly organized by Tocqueville Group and Tezos Southeast Asia
May. 23 2019 , Zug CH
Tezos Switzerland Zug Meetup
Inaugural Tezos Switzerland Meetup in Zug with talks and panels on PoS and local ecosystem of builders
May. 17 2019 , New York US
Panel on Staking Economics
Panel on Staking Economics
Apr. 18 2019 , Paris FR
TQuorum: Governance Panel
Tezos has the unique ability for the protocol to upgrade itself based on amendments proposed and voted on by the community.
Apr. 18 2019 , Paris FR
TQuorum: Variants of PoS
Introduction to basic concepts behind PoS and comparing Tezos, Cosmos, and Polkadot at the consensus and PoS level
Apr. 17 2019 , Paris FR
Ledger Talk
The team visits Ledger HQ in Paris and gives a presentation on PoS.
Mar. 23 2019 , San Mateo US
TezTalks: Tezos in 5 Years
Cryptium Labs' Awa Sun Yin shares a 5-year roadmap for Tezos.
Mar. 07 2019 , Paris FR
Technical and Social Attacks against Validators and PoS Networks
Running a validator and securing our networks isn’t a trivial task, it is complex and a dedicated operation that requires deep technical expertise in the protocols
Mar. 06 2019 , Paris FR
Variants of Proof-of-Stake
Introduction to basic concepts behind PoS and comparing Tezos, Cosmos, and Polkadot at the consensus and PoS level
Mar. 06 2019 , Paris FR
Governance Panel
Tezos Meetup in Paris
Jan. 26 2019 , Seoul SK
Tezos Blockchain Talk 2019
Tezos Blockchain Talk 2019 in Seoul by Tezos Korea Foundation