Important Disclaimer regarding e-Money

Cryptium Labs GmbH, Switzerland, ("Cryptium", "we" or "us") operates consensus/validating nodes to support the decentralized functioning of various blockchains, both on mainnets and testnets, including, but not limited to, Tezos, Cosmos, IrisNet, Kusama, e-Money and Solana. You may, in your sole discretion as to whether to, how much and for how long, use your cryptocurrencies (as allowed by the respective blockchains) to support our status as a consensus/validating node for those blockchains by delegating the validation rights associated with the cryptocurrencies in accordance with the design of the respective blockchain. You may earn rewards and/or fees for such delegation as is consistent with the design and customs of the respective blockchain and our website. Any delegation of validation rights associated with the cryptocurrencies to us is subject to the terms and conditions and the protocol of the respective blockchain.

We strongly recommend reading the Liability Disclamer.