Cryptium Labs has ceased its activities as a validator on all networks on the 15th of March 2021. Cryptium Labs has been acquired by Chorus One. This website is kept for archival purposes, but will not be updated. The team has joined a new company and is working on a new project, the Anoma Network.

Infrastructure operator
for proof-of-stake networks.

Cryptium Labs was founded in June 2018 with the sole purpose of operating consensus nodes and contributing to the security of Proof-of-Stake networks. Today, we are operating one of the largest bakers on Tezos (launched in July 2018) and a medium-sized validator on IRISnet and Cosmos Network (launched in March 2019). In alignment with our vision as a multi-network research and engineering team, we will continuously contribute to the security of novel protocols by operating consensus nodes.

Security Architecture

  • Made in Switzerland

    • Fully backed-up cryptographic signing keys
    • Tier 4 data centre in the Swiss Alps
    • ITILv3 framework
    • ISO27001; ISO22301; BS25999; FINMA complianc
    • 99.999% availability
    • Private rack
    • Infrastructure powered by 100% renewable energy
  • Defence

    • Segmented network
    • Sentry nodes
    • Automated monitoring & alerting
  • HSMs

    • Signatures provided by isolated HSMs, guarding against double-signing/endorsing
    • Resilience against host compromise

Why Delegate to Us?

Cryptium Labs’ vision extends beyond participating in the staking economy for the sole pursuit of profit. We regard operating validators as a straightforward way of supporting novel protocols at the deployment and infrastructure layer. Stakeholders who choose us do so because their interests are in alignment with our vision and goals, and because they expect not only a robust security architecture but also a deep understanding of the design, technical and economic models of decentralized protocols. Stakeholders who choose us can also expect active participation in both in-protocol governance and in out-of-protocol development of the community and ecosystem.